Friday, May 13, 2011

His hobbies and intrests

A number:
A food:
Anything Argentinian made by his mother. Although his dad also cooks like a professional
A dessert:
Sweet pastries and anything with dulce de leche
A colour:
A place:
Rosario, Argentina, and the neighbourhood where he grew up.
What would you be if you were not a footballer?:
he get asked that all the time, but he don’t have an answer. he’ve always liked football, since he was very little, and he signed for Barca when he was only 13.
A book:
El Martin Fierro, by Jose Hernandez
A film:
El hijo de la novia (The son of the Bride)
A TV series:
Prison Break and Lost
mountains or beach?
he love the beach
A trip:
he don’t have any particular preferences, but he really enjoyed going to Disneyland.
A goal in life:
To win as many titles as possible and to grow as a person.
Married life or single life?:
Right now, he is fine as he is: in a relationship.
White or dark chocolate?:
An animal:
What makes him angry?:
Many things, but mainly injustice and the suffering of the underprivileged.
A habit:
A habit: he always play with my hair wet
A flaw:
He is quite shy
A virtue:
he try to be a better person every day
Sweet or savoury?:
A stadium:
The Camp Nou, full
A memory:
The day of his debut with my first team and the final of the Champions League 2009
Meat or vegetables?:
Beef and salad
A secret:
He don’t have one’
Winter or summer?:
A footballer:
His favourite move:
Ronaldinho’s elastica
His worst memory as a player:
His injuries
And the best?:
Lots, all the titles won with Barca and the gold medal with Argentina in Beijing
A competition:
The World Cup